San Diego, California

March 13th - March 14th, 2022


About RLS

You want to be the go-to expert for retirees but aren’t sure how to differentiate yourself from every other advisor who claims to specialize in retirement planning.

The Retirement and Longevity Summit (RLS) is for wealth advisors who recognize that asset management and financial planning are important, but not enough.

What good is financial security without quality of life?

Learn how elite wealth advisors are building successful, holistic practices by helping people live long and live well.   

Ben Jones
BMO Global Asset Management
Devin Ekberg
Investments and Wealth Institute
Frank McAleer
Raymond James
Heather Kelly
Susan Bradley

Financial Transitionist


Jamie Hopkins
Carson Wealth
Roger Whitney
WWK Wealth Advisors
Ross Marino
Transitus Wealth Partners | Advisor2X


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7:00am- 8:00am

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Breakout #1

Matthew Halloran

Breakfast Session: Be Your Own Loud

Advisors have to find a way to drown out the noise from large companies who are controlling the retirement discussion. This session is about how you can be your own loud, rise above the noise, and take control of the conversation. You can do this doing something you do every day, talking about your experiences, telling stories, and building relationships. Get the attention of high earning, highly educated professionals who already consume 6 podcasts a week. Be one of those podcasts.


General Session

Welcome to RLS!

Don't miss the important opening session where we'll explain how to use your Program Guide to create your 2X Success Plan, and Tyrone Ross will get us fired up for the day!


General Session

Matt Newman, Amy Bozic

Starting at the Finish Line

Known for having grade three brain cancer and beating it, Matthew S. Newman is an inspirational keynote speaker for conferences, events and audiences looking for both motivation and action. His talk, Starting At The Finish Line, tells his firsthand experience learning of his cancer diagnosis and the incredibly powerful asset of having one's financial plans in order.


Breakout #4

Brittany Anderson

Breakfast Session: Showing Up - How to Create an Engaged, Proactive Team While Doing What You Love!

Your team can make or break your client experience. So how do you create a team that delivers, every time? And how do you stay on your side of the line to let them exercise their superpowers while you focus on yours? Join Brittany for this session where she will help you see how showing up as a true, authentic leader can help you create your dream team!


Breakout #1

Erin Botsford

The "Secret Sauce" to Closing Retiree Clients from a Barron's Top 100 Advisor

Erin Botsford, a Barron's Top 100 Advisor, converts 80% of the prospects she meets with into retirement/financial planning clients. She attributes her strong closing ratio to her renowned "Approach Talk" which she shares with advisors who want to significantly improve their results. Advisors attending this session will be given a free download of her book, Seven Figure Firm: How to Build a Financial Services Business that Grows Itself.


Breakout #1

Sheryl Hickerson

Connecting With Seniors via Social Media

In 2020, who is not on social media, right? However, if you are working with the senior market (those age 65 and older), are you aware that almost one-half of them are using social media as a way to not only connect with others, but also to learn about community events and world news, too? For financial service professionals, this is still a relatively untapped marketing resource. Many are not using social media in authentic ways to reach these seniors with ways to help them improve their retirement and longevity planning needs. Join Sheryl Brown as she explores different ways you can be using tools such as Facebook, Meet-Up, and local events to grow your marketing outreach in this senior space.

Breakout #3

Kerry Pechter, Jude Boudreaux, Stephanie McCullough, Daren Blonski

When a 4% Withdrawal Rate Isn't Enough

The "4 percent rule" or "safe withdrawal rate" has been used as a rule of thumb by many advisors since the early '90s. With persistently low-interest rates, withdrawing 4% may no longer be safe. But what do you do when a client tells you that a 4% withdrawal rate is not enough?

Breakout #2

Nate Lenz, Pete Bush, John P. Hyland

To Build or To Join - The Case for the Super-OSJ

As independent broker dealers continue to capture share, the pursuit of scale and support has led many advisors to seek firms streamlining a path to independence. To satisfy this demand, new firms are launching (or transforming) daily, providing access to shared infrastructure at payouts in-line or greater than going at it alone. But buyer beware, not all of these firms, or the platforms they leverage, are created equal. Join our panel of experienced operators to discuss the evolution of this new sub-type, how to differentiate a firm among a crowded landscape, and what the future may hold for their organizations in an era of consolidation. Whether considering a partnership with a Super-OSJ or contemplating whether to launch one of your own, this session will provide actionable ideas and valuable insight into this rapidly evolving landscape.

Breakout #3

Sheryl O'Connor, Scott Morrison, Samuel Marrella, Richard Hoover, Jason Hamilton

Your Secret Power: How to Avoid Being Replaced by Technology

Fee compression, robo invasion and increased regulations have many advisors concerned about their future, but there is a way to grow your business exponentially in the face of disruption. Join a panel of advisors who will share the 'secret power' that helped reinvent their practices. Learn how to create a new value proposition to immunize you against market forces and your competition. With the help of a revolutionary technology, learn how to tap into what retirees really want and are more than willing to pay for. Set your alarms, you don't want to miss this session.

Breakout #2

Devin Ekberg, Moe Allain, Dorothy Bossung

A Clinical Approach to Retirement Risk Management

Retirees view risk differently. Learn a clinical framework developed from a client's perspective that identifies the circumstances that put retirees at risk of harm, and how to control or prevent those uncertainties.


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Breakout #4

George Fernandez

The Impact of the SECURE Act

Signed into law December 2019, the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement bill, or SECURE Act, includes sweeping changes to tax-advantaged retirement and savings accounts, which could significantly impact your client's long-term financial plans. In particular, the bill changes the rules your client's tax-advantaged accounts must follow in terms of funding, distributions and the way accounts are administered. Join George to get confident with all the SECURE details!


Breakout #1

Susan Bradley

Reimagining Retirement, Making The Most of One of Life's Misunderstood Transitions

It looks easy when the money is right, but the data tells us that there is a dark side, even for people with great financial advisors. Join Susan as she shares two tools advisors can use with prospects and clients. Learn how to explore various scenarios and possibilities, where personal desires and financial realities meet.


Breakout #1

Cathy Seeber

The Final Interval

Discover empathetic ways to guide clients through the most difficult transition in their lives as they enter the final interval. Learn effective tactics that engage clients about their end-of-life issues, and gives them the courage and peace to discuss these sensitive matters with their loved ones.

Breakout #2

Mark Schoenbeck

Acquire Retiree Clients Using What Makes You Different

In an increasingly commoditized industry, finding ways to differentiate yourself and your firm is paramount. In this workshop-like session, we'll walk through a discovery process to help you identify what truly makes you unique. From there, we'll discuss and share ideas on how to leverage those strengths and turn them into new retiree clients and deeper relationships with existing retiree clients.

Breakout #2

Kay Lynn Mayhue

Serving Senior Clients - Little Things Become Big Things

It's a given that your clients' needs change as they get older, but are you changing the way you serve them? Join Kay Lynn as she explains how Merit Financial reviewed everything from their office location and furniture, to colors and font sizes. Seemingly small things become big things as people age. Your clients will notice when you design your office and experience for them. Lastly, Kay Lynn will discuss industry best practices and look at non-financial businesses that do this well. You'll walk away with simple, thoughtful ideas to better serve your senior clients.

Breakout #3

Ekaterina Sheliga, David Wertheim, Christopher Dillon, Bryan Sajjadi

Specialty Investing Techniques Forum

Learn about what industry leading investment managers are doing in the specialty/sector investment space. Panel discussion topics will include current global market upside potential opportunities, how business cycles are uniquely monitored by each firm and break through common misconceptions that people have about specialty investing.

Breakout #3

Joselyn Hall, Lynn James

Wealth and Wellness 2.0 - Advisor as a Coach

Understand the 8 Dimensions of Wealth and Wellness and how those dimensions can shape a client's actions. Use the 8 Dimensions framework to address areas in a client's life that directly impact their longevity but often aren't discussed (such as energy/exercise, nutrition, general health, mental & emotional health, professional development, spiritual life, and purpose.) Gain skills and tools to help ask open-ended questions, listen with impact, and set implementable goals to deliver financial advice in keeping with a client's whole life.

Breakout #4

Leslie Geller

Supporting the Clients and Attorneys Through the Estate Planning Process

The typical structure of the attorney-client relationship, including the constraints of the billable hour, can make the estate planning process difficult and unfulfilling for both the client and the attorney. Advisors can add significant value by facilitating the process from both sides, insuring that the client ends up with a complete and quality final product and the attorney views the advisor as an ally. Join Leslie Geller, a former tax and estate planning attorney, as she shares her experience of the most common pitfalls in the estate planning process, the various roles advisors can play to help avoid these pitfalls, and how advisors can make themselves indispensable to both the client and the attorney. Understand why and where the attorney-client relationship often falls short, and the most common frustrations and roadblocks from both sides. Identify how the advisor is uniquely positioned to help optimize the client's and attorney's experiences. Identify the various roles that advisors can play to fill in the gaps in the typical attorney-client relationship. Learn practical strategies to facilitate the estate planning process and immediately demonstrate potential value-add to both the client and the attorney.

Breakout #4

Devin Ekberg

The Household Balance Sheet as the Center of a Retirement Plan

The Household Balance Sheet™ is a concept that produces a unique record of a clients' household assets and liabilities, including hard-to-quantify elements like human and social capital. Help your clients understand and commit to a retirement plan with confidence.


Breakout #1

Roger Whitney

Helping Retirees Rock Retirement

Engage your clients in creative events focused on longevity and lifestyle issues. Join Roger Whitney as he describes how his "Rock Retirement Club" has enriched his clients lives, deepened his relationships, and resulted in an unexpected referral source.


Breakout #1

Draye Redfern

How to Predictably Scale Your Practice Through Magnetic Marketing & Automated Systems

The words "Differentiation" and "Automation" are used all too often, but how do you actually use them to benefit your practice? More importantly, where do you start? Learn how to create a radical differentiation that compels retirees to want to work with you. You'll also learn the proven process for automating your marketing and converting more retiree prospects.


Breakout #2

Dr. Roger Landry

What About Your Other Portfolio? Resilience, Health & Vitality During Life's Transitions

In this thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Landry squarely addresses the other investments we must make for a better life...those that build health, vitality and resilience. Life is change and some of that change has the ability to withdraw critical physical, psychological and emotional assets. Dr. Landry will tell us how to talk to clients about becoming downturn-proof with a simple resilience-building investment strategy.

Breakout #3

Harlan Accola, Jamie Hopkins

Maximizing Retirement Income by Using Home Equity

Home equity is the largest asset and liability for many retirees. However, advisors often ignore the home in the retirement income planning process, creating a less efficient outcome for the client and potential liability for the advisor. Come see how to leverage home equity planning as part of a retirement income plan.

Breakout #4

Tyler De Haan

Social Security 2.0: Beyond the Basics

You probably feel you understand Social Security concepts fairly well. But how much do you know about these advanced strategies and concepts that aren�t typically covered in Social Security education: Social Security for immigrants, Windfall Elimination Provision, Government Pension Offset, Family Maximums, or Social Security received overseas? This session will cover those topics as well as the impact of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.


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Breakout #2

Courtney Pullen

Intentional Wealth: A Recipe for Thriving Families

Ninety percent of affluent families lose their wealth by the end of the third generation. Join Courtney for a discussion based on his book, Intentional Wealth: How Families Build Legacies of Stewardship and Financial Health. You'll learn what the other ten percent do differently, resulting in not only wealth retention but healthy, resilient, conflict-free family bonds.

Breakout #3

Rick Kent, Brad Arends, Kim Robinson

Rollover? What Rollover?

Your primary competitor for the rollover is no longer the advisor down the street. Retirement plan advisors have watched assets transfer out of their plans for years, and now they are doing something about it. These advisors are furiously implementing holistic financial wellness into their practices while developing personal relationships with plan participants. Attend this session to gain insight into the new personal and technological services retirement plan participants are receiving from their employers.


Breakout #1

Jamie Hopkins

Rewirement: Rewire The Way You Think About Retirement

Americans are facing a huge retirement savings shortfall and don't appear to demonstrate the knowledge level needed to turn their savings into sustainable retirement income as only roughly 25% of Americans near retirement age can pass a basic retirement income literacy quiz. But, it is not just a lack of literacy holding Americans back. Behavioral biases and heuristics like narrow framing and loss aversion are also creating significant roadblocks. Learn how to incorporate best practices around behavioral finance techniques and technology to help achieve better evidence-based retirement outcomes for your clients. Rewire the way your clients think about saving for retirement to spending in retirement.

Breakout #2

John Bowen

The Virtual Family Office and Longevity Planning: The Key to Attracting and Serving the Ultra-Affluent

There are serious opportunities today to serve ultra-affluent clients with longevity planning and to differentiate yourself from your competition by doing so. Join John Bowen to discover how a virtual family office can help attract very wealthy clients and serve them extremely well over long lifespans.

Breakout #3

Tyrone Ross

The Time Is Now

Tyrone Ross has exploded onto the main stage of the financial advisor community. You've seen him everywhere on social media, in videos and as the host of Altruist's new Human Advisor podcast. Now you can hear Tyrone tell his own incredible personal story, and learn how you and your firm can join Tyrone's 2020 movement to make a real and positive difference in our industry. Prepare for tons of energy and inspiration!

(Breakout #4

Dana Anspach

Retirement Policy Statements

Whether you do it formally, with a written template, or informally, through a series of schedules, in this session you'll learn why incorporating the key elements of a Retirement Policy Statement are crucial to the success of your practice and the management of your client's retirement income plan. Not only does it help protect you in the case of disputes, it also sets you up with a valuable agenda and set of metrics to discuss each year with your client.

Breakout #4

Paul Cahill

Creative Destruction and the Future of the Adaptive Advisor

Financial advisors are facing serious headwinds, including technology, markets, clients, and regulation. Because the dynamic of industry disruption is hardly unique to wealth management, we can use history as a guide for how to adapt and thrive. Advisors narrowly focused on investments will struggle, but those who embrace roles as planners, educators, and coaches will retain ample opportunity to both empower others and grow professionally. Join us to learn more.


General Session

Ben Jones, Steven Sanduski, Bill Keen

Secrets of the 2X Advisor

Get the inside scoop on how elite advisors have doubled their practices. A special live podcast by Ben Jones, host of the popular podcast "Better Conversations. Better Outcomes."


Evening Event Sponsored By Symetra


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Lunch Table #1

Stephanie McCullough

How Yoga Teaches Powerful Money Lessons

Join Stephanie as she discusses a mindful, intentional, aware approach to money. Whether or not you practice yoga, the yoga outlook on life has many lessons applicable to sound financial behaviors!

Lunch Table #2

Dr. Roger Landry

The Top Five Most Common Longevity Questions Answered

Join Dr. Landry for lunch as he provides answers to the most common questions about retirement and longevity.

Lunch Table #3

Scott Frank

Financial Life Planning - When IQ Doesn't Get Your Clients to Act

We all have the technical skills to help our clients live amazing lives, but they don't always follow through. At this table talk, we will discuss how to truly hear your clients so you know what is essential to them. And once you know what is essential, how to help them step into their ideal life.

Lunch Table #4

Jude Boudreaux

Working with Junior Planners

Chat with Jude about how he has grown his practice by putting junior planners on the fast track.

Lunch Table #5

Rockie Zeigler

When Prospects Don't Meet Investment Minimums

Join Rockie for a discussion of how he has structured his firm to help clients who don't meet the investment minimums required by the big firms.

Lunch Table #6

James Sullivan

Effective Medicare Planning for Clients - A New Approach

Medicare planning is becoming more, not less, complicated. Clients have questions and are anxious for guidance. Wealth managers can offer sophisticated Medicare planning advice - here is how.


Breakout #1

Elizabeth Moss

Changing the Way We View Long Term Care Insurance

An in-depth look at long term care planning for the physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing of your clients.

Breakout #2

James Sullivan

The Financial & Human Cost of Isolation in Retirement

Humans are social creatures. Our connection to others enables us to survive and thrive. Knowledge of a client's financial situation for retirement planning is a given. The truth is, however, that most of our clients cannot thrive in retirement without social engagement. Social isolation imposes emotional, cognitive, physical and financial costs on our clients. Join Jim as he provides specific tips that will help you have this conversation with your clients, helping them lead longer, healthier lives.

Breakout #3

Adam Witty

Lead The Field with Authority Marketing

Positioning yourself as the undisputed expert, influential authority and in-demand celebrity makes you the retirement advisor that everyone wants to work with. By implementing the Seven Pillars of Authority Marketing, you can set your practice up for hyper growth, moving you to new heights and making marketing, selling and building trust with clients dramatically easier and quicker than ever before. During this talk, you will learn what Authority Marketing actually is, four reasons Authority Marketing makes growing a business much easier, the Pillars of Authority Marketing, examples of Authority Marketing in business today, and how to implement Authority Marketing into your business.

Breakout #4

Steve Sansone

The Cash Balance Plan: An Opportunity for Wealth Advisors

For wealth management-focused advisors, the Cash Balance plan could be an ideal opportunity to present to your business owner/executive clients. Join Steve Sansone, national speaker and author, to learn what a cash balance plan is, how it works, how to spot clients who would benefit best from a cash balance plan, and how to integrate the cash balance opportunity into your service model to help grow your business.





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