San Diego, California

March 7-8, 2021


About RLS

You want to be the go-to expert for retirees but aren’t sure how to differentiate yourself from every other advisor who claims to specialize in retirement planning.

The Retirement and Longevity Summit (RLS) is for wealth advisors who recognize that asset management and financial planning are important, but not enough.

What good is financial security without quality of life?

Learn how elite wealth advisors are building successful, holistic practices by helping people live long and live well.   

Ben Jones
BMO Global Asset Management
Devin Ekberg
Investments and Wealth Institute
Frank McAleer
Raymond James
Heather Kelly
Susan Bradley

Financial Transitionist


Jamie Hopkins
Carson Wealth
Roger Whitney
WWK Wealth Advisors
Ross Marino
Transitus Wealth Partners | Advisor2X


Meet the team of industry experts who helped build your agenda: 





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General Session

Welcome to RLS!

Don't miss the important opening session where we'll explain how to use your Program Guide to create your 2X Success Plan, and Tyrone Ross will get us fired up for the day!


General Session

Matt Newman, Amy Bozic

Starting at the Finish Line

Known for having grade three brain cancer and beating it, Matthew S. Newman is an inspirational keynote speaker for conferences, events and audiences looking for both motivation and action. His talk, Starting At The Finish Line, tells his firsthand experience learning of his cancer diagnosis and the incredibly powerful asset of having one's financial plans in order.


Breakout #1

Erin Botsford

The "Secret Sauce" to Closing Retiree Clients from a Barron's Top 100 Advisor

Erin Botsford, a Barron's Top 100 Advisor, converts 80% of the prospects she meets with into retirement/financial planning clients. She attributes her strong closing ratio to her renowned "Approach Talk" which she shares with advisors who want to significantly improve their results. Advisors attending this session will be given a free download of her book, Seven Figure Firm: How to Build a Financial Services Business that Grows Itself.

Breakout #3

Kerry Pechter, Jude Boudreaux, Stephanie McCullough, Daren Blonski

When a 4% Withdrawal Rate Isn't Enough

The "4 percent rule" or "safe withdrawal rate" has been used as a rule of thumb by many advisors since the early '90s. With persistently low-interest rates, withdrawing 4% may no longer be safe. But what do you do when a client tells you that a 4% withdrawal rate is not enough?

Breakout #2

Devin Ekberg, Moe Allain, Dorothy Bossung

A Clinical Approach to Retirement Risk Management

Retirees view risk differently. Learn a clinical framework developed from a client's perspective that identifies the circumstances that put retirees at risk of harm, and how to control or prevent those uncertainties.


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Breakout #1

Susan Bradley

Reimagining Retirement, Making The Most of One of Life's Misunderstood Transitions

It looks easy when the money is right, but the data tells us that there is a dark side, even for people with great financial advisors. Join Susan as she shares two tools advisors can use with prospects and clients. Learn how to explore various scenarios and possibilities, where personal desires and financial realities meet.

Breakout #2

Kay Lynn Mayhue

Serving Senior Clients - Little Things Become Big Things

It's a given that your clients' needs change as they get older, but are you changing the way you serve them? Join Kay Lynn as she explains how Merit Financial reviewed everything from their office location and furniture, to colors and font sizes. Seemingly small things become big things as people age. Your clients will notice when you design your office and experience for them. Lastly, Kay Lynn will discuss industry best practices and look at non-financial businesses that do this well. You'll walk away with simple, thoughtful ideas to better serve your senior clients.

Breakout #3

Ekaterina Sheliga, David Wertheim, Christopher Dillon, Bryan Sajjadi

Specialty Investing Techniques Forum

Learn about what industry leading investment managers are doing in the specialty/sector investment space. Panel discussion topics will include current global market upside potential opportunities, how business cycles are uniquely monitored by each firm and break through common misconceptions that people have about specialty investing.

Breakout #4

Devin Ekberg

The Household Balance Sheet as the Center of a Retirement Plan

The Household Balance Sheet™ is a concept that produces a unique record of a clients' household assets and liabilities, including hard-to-quantify elements like human and social capital. Help your clients understand and commit to a retirement plan with confidence.


Breakout #1

Roger Whitney

Helping Retirees Rock Retirement

Engage your clients in creative events focused on longevity and lifestyle issues. Join Roger Whitney as he describes how his "Rock Retirement Club" has enriched his clients lives, deepened his relationships, and resulted in an unexpected referral source.

Breakout #2

Courtney Pullen

Intentional Wealth: A Recipe for Thriving Families

Ninety percent of affluent families lose their wealth by the end of the third generation. Join Courtney for a discussion based on his book, Intentional Wealth: How Families Build Legacies of Stewardship and Financial Health. You'll learn what the other ten percent do differently, resulting in not only wealth retention but healthy, resilient, conflict-free family bonds.

Breakout #3

Rick Kent, Brad Arends, Kim Robinson

Rollover? What Rollover?

Your primary competitor for the rollover is no longer the advisor down the street. Retirement plan advisors have watched assets transfer out of their plans for years, and now they are doing something about it. These advisors are furiously implementing holistic financial wellness into their practices while developing personal relationships with plan participants. Attend this session to gain insight into the new personal and technological services retirement plan participants are receiving from their employers.

Breakout #4

Paul Cahill

Creative Destruction and the Future of the Adaptive Advisor

Financial advisors are facing serious headwinds, including technology, markets, clients, and regulation. Because the dynamic of industry disruption is hardly unique to wealth management, we can use history as a guide for how to adapt and thrive. Advisors narrowly focused on investments will struggle, but those who embrace roles as planners, educators, and coaches will retain ample opportunity to both empower others and grow professionally. Join us to learn more.


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Barron's Top 100 Independent Financial Advisor| Author | Founder, Botsford Financial Group | Author, Botsford Financial Group
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